In 1923, an Easter tradition was born on the top of Mt. Davidson Cross in San Francisco. Nearly 100 years later, the tradition continues led by the Mt. Davidson Cross Armenian Council, to usher in the Easter holiday.

A Sign of Hope Still Shines in San Francisco: Lighting of Mt. Davidson Cross Tradition Lives On


SAN FRANCISCO – On the evening of Saturday, April 3, 2021 a nearly 100-year-old tradition continued with the lighting of Mt. Davidson Cross. What started in 1923 had grown to over 50,000 visitors for an annual Easter Sunrise service.

Volunteers have visited this iconic landmark and cross annually to light up the mountainside for Easter, the holiest of days for Christians. The cross, which sits at the highest peak in San Francisco, provides spectacular views year-round.

The Mt. Davidson Cross Armenian Council continues the beautiful tradition by lighting the cross which demonstrates hope and peace. COVID-19 didn’t stop the cross from being illuminated this year but it did halt the Easter Sunrise Service for the second year in a row.

Mt. Davidson Cross is only lit two nights a year — on April 24 to mark the anniversary of the Armenian Genocide Remembrance and Easter Eve.

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