ECHR Grants Armenia New Request for Interim Measure against Azerbaijan


STRASBOURG, France ( — The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on Monday, January 4, granted Armenia’s another request concerning prisoners of war (POWs) and captured civilians, applying an interim measure against Azerbaijan and demanding that Azerbaijan provide information on them within the set timeframes, the Office of the Representative of Armenia before the ECHR reported.

“At the same time, taking into account the openly contemptuous attitude of the Azerbaijani authorities towards legal proceedings, especially the decisions of the European Court, as well as the repeated violations of the deadlines set in the court decisions and the recent statements of the Azerbaijani president, Armenia applied to the European Court on January 3 and 5, demanding that the issue of Azerbaijani violations be referred to the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on the basis of Article 39 § 2 of the Rules of Court.

“Taking into account the importance of the processes concerning POWs and captives and the sensitivity of the issue, we once again urge you to refrain from publishing the names of those persons or other personal data on social media,” the office said.


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