Soprano Ruzan Mantashyan

Soprano Mantashyan Accepts Offer to Perform in Dresden


YEREVAN (Armenpress) — Armenian soprano Ruzan Mantashyan will perform at the SemperOpernball February 7 theater concert in Dresden as scheduled initially.

“I was offered to perform at the concert. After lengthy deliberations I accepted the offer. That itself will be a victory, Mantashyan told Armenpress on January 23.

On January 13, media reports quoting Azerbaijani singer Yusif Eyvazov to say he refused to perform with Mantashyan due to “political concerns.” The two singers were scheduled to perform together on February 7 at Semper Opernball.

Afterwards, the Azerbaijani singer claimed on his social media account that the reports are fake news. He published a news release by Semper Opernball which reportedly showed that the festival didn’t even have a contract with Mantashyan regarding her performance.

However, a December 2019 news release included Mantashyan in the list of performers and the final contract wasn’t technically yet signed because the negotiations weren’t yet completed. But organizers and Mantashyan had agreed around her performance.

The Armenian soprano then publicly said she expects an apology from the organizers.

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Even Armenian lawmakers reacted to the developments, and addressed a letter to the German Bundestag over the Azerbaijani tenor’s xenophobic actions.


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