Assyrian Martyrs Memorial Unveiled in Wellington, New Zealand


By Ashoor Yalda

WELLINGTON — On November 25, 2018 Assyrians in New Zealand erected a memorial to immortalize the souls of over 350 thousands of the Assyrian Martyrs fallen in World War I during the genocide committed by Ottoman soldiers. Those unarmed people living on their home land were beheaded by the same sword that cowardly killed 1.5 million Armenians and hundreds of thousands of Greeks, just for one sin, and that was being Christians.


We were honored by presences both respectable and honourable from the parliament like Hon. Christopher Finlayson from the National Party and Gareth Hughes from the Green Party, and Sarah Free from the Wellington city council; and our beloved Monsignor Geared Burns, and many more dignitaries from different communities living together in harmony in New Zealand.

MP Finlayson of the National Party unveiled the memorial in Wellington to be the 19th memorial erected by the Assyrians around the world dedicated the Assyrian Martyrs fallen in World War I and the 1933 Simeleh genocide.

For more see the youtube video link below

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