Newly Appointed Syrian Ambassador Presents Credentials to Armenian President


YEREVAN (Arka) —  Ambassador of the Syrian Arab Republic to Armenia Mohammad Ahmad Haj Ibrahim presented this week his credentials to President Serzh Sargsyan.

As they discussed the agenda of the Armenian-Syrian relations, the interlocutors touched upon the possibilities of developing and strengthening bilateral cooperation in different spheres of activity.

Sargsyan and Haj Ibrahim exchanged views on the situation in Syria and in the Middle East, the problems and challenges faced in the region. With reference to the Syrian crisis, President Serzh Sargsyan expressed the hope that the Syrian authorities and the friendly Syrian people will be able to withstand that most serious test under the leadership of the President of their country, and will restore peace and stability in Syria, in which Armenia is so much interested.

“Any people may come to face trials in different periods of history: only those who succeed in defying them continue their course. Armenia is deeply concerned about the fate of the friendly Syrian people. It was a great pain to follow the developments and the humanitarian situation all the way through this process. We have been trying to support both the suffering Syrian-Armenian community and the whole Syrian people,” Sargsyan noted.

Thankful for the reception and kind remarks, Haj Ibrahim stressed that the Syrian authorities value Armenia’s position and support in the reinstatement of peace and stability in the country. He praised the Syrian-Armenian community, which is an integral part of the country and has made a valuable contribution to the country’s development for many decades.


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