Armenian Sunday School Opens in Madrid


MADRID, Spain ( — The Mesrop Mashtots Armenian Sunday School opened its doors in Madrid, Hayern Aysor Armenian news website reported.

According to the website, Armenian children living in Spain will have the opportunity to preserve the Armenian language and learn about Armenian culture and history.

As the school’s teachers mentioned, the key goal is to teach Armenian children of Spain the Armenian language so that they don’t forget their roots, as well as Armenian language and literature. The school will also offer Armenian music and painting lessons, as well as Armenian dance lessons, history courses and lessons on the history of the Armenian Church.

The teachers introduced the schoolchildren and their parents to the main provisions and principles of the school and assured that they would do everything possible to make the lessons interesting and effective.

The Armenia Home Cultural Union of Madrid expresses its special gratitude to the RA Ministry of Diaspora for providing books and textbooks and contributing to activities aimed at preserving the Armenian identity abroad.

The Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in the Kingdom of Spain and the Armenian Holy Apostolic Church of Madrid, have contributed to the establishment of the school.

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