Memorial Dedicated to Yazidi Genocide Victims Unveiled


YEREVAN (Public Radio of Armenia) — A memorial dedicated to the victims of the genocide of Yazidis in Sinjar, Iraq, was unveiled in Yerevan on April 21 as part of the events dedicated to the 101st anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

The monument will stand as a witness to the immortal spirit of the Yazidi people, their will to live and create, President of the Council of the Media – Shangal National Union of Yazidis NGO Amo Sharoyan told reporters.

“We are a nation that has passed through genocide and survived. Although we cannot change the bloody past, we have to create a future void of such crimes,” Sharoyan quoted Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan as saying.

Fikret Igrek, President of the exile Council of Sinjar noted that genocide continues in the 21st century. “Islamists massacred and enslaved thousands of Yazidis in august 2014,” he said.

Speaking about the recent escalation in the Karabagh conflict zone, Tamaz Mhoi, president of the Federation of Yazidis of France, said they condemn the Azerbaijani policy.

“On behalf of the Federation of Yazidis of France, we have sent a letter to the Azerbaijani Embassy, urging them to stop the war. We sent the letter on April 3, but have not received any response by now,” he said.

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