President Sargisian Pays Visit to Moscow for Talks with Counterpart


MOSCOW — President Serge Sargisian on March 11 visited Moscow for official talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The leaders of the two strategic partner-states discussed a wide range of issues on the agenda of the Armenian-Russian bilateral relations. They also spoke about the integration processes in the Eurasian area, exchanged views on the current international and regional issues and challenges. The two also discussed issues pertinent to the present stage of the Nagorno Karabagh (Artsakh) peace process and possibilities to move the process forward.

According to the Armenian president’s website, Putin said, in part, “There is no need to describe our bilateral interstate relations: they are really of a strategic nature. I am very pleased to state that fact and note that our relations develop and develop successfully. There are certainly some problems of the objective nature, and I mean first of all our economic cooperation, though here too we understand that over all we can be content with the foundation we laid for our relations. I have no doubt that based on our mutual decisions of previous years we will advance on that direction too.”

Putin then referred to Armenia this year chairing the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO).

Sargisian thanked Putin for the welcome, adding, “I agree with you hundred percent that our relations develop very well. In general, this is a good tradition — to meet at the beginning of the year, to recap on the results of the last year’s work and set guidelines for the current year. In political, economic, military and technical, as well as humanitarian areas we have complete understanding and relations develop very well. I would like to thank you for the implementation of all those agreements which we have reached during our previous meetings.”

He added he supported the Russian position regarding Syria and the Russian-US activities aimed at arriving at a ceasefire in Syria.

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Sargisian also thanked Russia for its efforts for the resolution of the Karabagh conflict. “I would like to thank you personally for the efforts which Russia exercises for the resolution of the NK conflict. We continue to adhere to a peaceful settlement of the conflict.”

Later, Sargisian, who is also the chairman of Armenia’s Chess Federation, attended the official opening ceremony of the Candidates Chess Tournament.

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