300 Year-Old Armenian Church in Turkey For Sale


BURSA (Anadolu Agency) — A 300 year-old Armenian Church in northwestern Turkey has been put up for sale for $1.5 million on an online shopping platform.

Having sustained severe damage in recent decades, the church in the northwestern province of Bursa was put up for sale online by a real estate agent on behalf of its owner, who lives abroad.

The church, registered by the Bursa General Directorate of Foundations in 1986, is located near the Green Tomb and the Emir Sultan Tomb in the Setbasi neighborhood.

The posting on www.sahibinden.com is titled “Church for sale, unique and suitable for every use.”

The real estate agent who placed the ad, Tayfun Ozenginler, told Anadolu Agency that Bursa has many historic churches due to the Armenian and Greek communities.

“The area where the church is situated was once inhabited by Armenians,” Ozengirler said.

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“This particular building has been used for many different purposes since the exchange of population law [between Turkey and Greece],” Ozenginler said, adding that he has already received a number of enquiries about the advert.

“No one has agreed to the demanded price so far but we will do our best for the sellers,” he said.


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