Tigran Hamasyan to Perform at Armenian Churches of Western Armenia


YEREVAN (Armenpress) — Fans of diminutive jazz dynamo, pianist Tigran Hamasyan, have the chance to take part in the Yerevan-Istanbul pilgrimage as part of the musician’s concert tour, “Luys I Lusoy.” As part of the pilgrimage, the musician and the Yerevan State Chamber Choir will perform in Javakhk, Tbilisi, Gandza, Kars, as well as other cities of Western Armenia and in Istanbul. “We will most likely give 10 concerts at churches in Armenia. It doesn’t matter if the Turks try to disturb the concerts at Armenian churches. I’m going to do my job. My only fear is that the Turks won’t let us perform at the Tigran Honents Armenian Church in Ani since Ani is of strategic significance for Turkey,” Hamasyan noted. The Yerevan-Istanbul pilgrimage is part of Hamasyan’s 100 concerts with the title “Luys I Lusoy.”
The concerts will be taped and turned into a documentary film.

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