Author Publishes Novel in Commemoration of 100th Anniversary of Armenian Genocide





MOORESTOWN, N.J. — Author Irene Vosbikian has published her novel, Bedros, detailing her father-in-law’s personal account of his life in Armenia, his escape from the Armenian Genocide of 1915 and eventual immigration to America.

“My own father was killed in WWII one month before I was born, and I’ve always been enamored with history and heroes.”  It was while Irene was attending Temple University that she met her husband, Peter, a first generation Armenian American.

As a young bride, Irene Vosbikian spent hours listening to her father-in-law as he recounted stories of his homeland, his years as a young boy in Malatia — a province of the Ottoman Empire — his days in an orphanage, the Turkish Army and his dramatic escape to France and America.

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“Like too many others, I was ignorant of the Armenian Genocide and the struggle and persecution of so many. Once my father in law shared these stories, I felt compelled to write this novel,” she said.

From these accounts, along with documented research, the novel Bedros was born. Originally published more than 20 years ago, Vosbikian has re-released the book in advance of the anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

Irene Vosbikian is a second-generation Italian-American and was born in South Philadelphia. She and her husband, Peter, live in New Jersey, surrounded by their children and grandchildren. The novel Bedros is now available from Amazon.