St. Stephen’s Armenian Elementary School 2012 Graduation Ceremonies


WATERTOWN — In June, St. Stephen’s Armenian Elementary School (SSAES) completed its 28th academic year. The graduation ceremonies were held on June 14 for the kinder- garten students and June 15 for elementary graduates, in the presence of parents and friends of the school as well as Rev. Archpriest Antranig Baljian and the pastors of the sur- rounding Armenian churches.

On both days Principal Houry Boyamian focused on the school’s recent achievements, especially the 2012 Expansion Project.

The principal then thanked the faculty, the administrative staff, the PTO, the parent volunteers, the school board and committees, the St. Stephen’s Church board of trustees, Baljian, Rev. Karekine Bedourian, as well as all the organizations and individuals that contribute to the betterment of the school.

On June 14, Boyamian and Maral Orchanian, the preschool director, hon- ored Svetlana Vehapetian for her 10 years of service at the preschool.

Orchanian presented the theme for the preschool and kinder- garten graduation pro- gram, which was The Armenian Village. The preschoolers and the kindergarteners pre- sented through songs and poems the different aspects of Armenian village life.

On June 15, the elementary program was dedicated to the Armenian Book, as Catholicos of the See of Cilicia Aram I had proclaimed 2012 “The Year of the Armenian Book” and as the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) was mark- ing the 500th anniversary of the first printed Armenian book. The elementary students presented the theme with poems and songs, followed by a video presentation of the fifth grade class trip to Armenia, coordinated with great expertise by Ardemis Megerdichian, the school’s Armenian teacher for grades 1-5.

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On both days, Baljian expressed his appreciation to the administration and faculty for their dedication and effort. He also praised the stu- dents for their excellent performance.

On June 14, 23 students graduated from Kindergarten. They are: Maral Abrahamian,

Hovanes Aroian, Beatrice Bilezikian, Vrezh Gyulakian, Krikor Hachikian, Michelle Joubanian, Antrias Kahvejian, Naera Margios, Zepur Merdinoglu, Aren Panian, Sienna Soghomonian, Nora Vartanian, Serena Antoine, Alina Chaparian, George Chapian, Krikor Iskenderian, Sarah Joubanian, Talar Markarian, Brian McCarthy, Sebu Najarian, Ani Ohannessian, Bianca Tamburrini and Gregory Tinkjian.

On June 15, 15 students graduated from SSAES. They are: Hovannes Aroyian, Karyl Ashjian, Mary Boyajian, Natalie Gebeyan, Melanne Ghahraman, Anelga Hajjar, Mark Haroutunian, Sanan Mahrokhian, Armen Michaelian, Moushegh Monteiro, AJ Movsesian, Juliana Rizza, Samuel Sagherian, Narek Sahakian and Nareg Stepanian.


Gr. 5 Awards for Excellence in Armenian Studies

•Prelacy Award: Karyl Ashjian, Anelga Hajjar, Sanan Maroukhian, Mary Boyajian

•Armenian Relief Society Award: Armen Michaelian

•St. Stephen’s School Award: Mark Haroutunian, Melanne Ghahraman, Samuel Sagherian and Narek Sahakian •St. Stephen’s Education Committee Award: Arman Movsesian, Nareg Stepanian and Juliana Rizza

• The following students are recognized for their special love for and interest in Armenian Studies: Hovannes Aroyan, Natalie Gebeyan and Moushegh Monteiro

President’s Education Award

•Presidential Award for Academic Excellence: Anelga Hajjar, Armen Michaelian, Mark Haroutunian, Sanan Maroukhian

•Presidential Award for Academic Achievement: Narek Sahakian, Karyl Ashjian, Mary Boyadjian, Samuel Sagherian and Arman Movsesian

Citizenship Award

Armen Michaelian and Sanan Maroukhian

ARS Essay Contest:

2nd Place Arman Movsesian Honorable Mention: Samuel Sagherian, Mark Haroutunian and Narek Sahakian

Gr. 4 Awards for Outstanding Effort in Armenian Studies: Anahid Kazaian Scholarship ($100) Taline Chaprazian and Ani Ganjian

Perfect Attendance Award

Kindergarten: Sarah and Michelle Joubanian;Grade 1: Chris Ashjian; Grade 2: Nareg Minassian; Grade 3: Berj Chekijian; Grade 5: Karyl Ashjian

Gr. 5 Special Strength Awards

Excellence in Math: Narek Sahakian, Arman Movsesian, Nareg Stepanian, Karyl Ashjian, Mary Boyadjian; Excellence in Science: Natalie Gebeyan; Excellence in Writing: Juliana Rizza, Moushegh Monteiro, Sanan Maroukhian, Melanne Ghahraman; Excellence in Reading Comprehension: Hovanes Aroyan and Mark Haroutunian; Excellence in Social Studies: Anelga Hajjar, Samuel Sagherian and Armen Michaelian

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