Sargisian Heads to London for Olympics


LONDON (Combined sources) — Armenian President Serge Sargisian left for London on Thursday, July 26, and, together with other invited presidents, he attended the opening ceremony of the games on July 27.

No official send-off ceremony was held for the members of Armenia’s Olympic team because most are training in European countries.

The National Olympic Committee announced on Monday that any member of the Armenian Olympic Team who medals in the upcoming games in London will be rewarded in cash for his/her medal. A gold medal will be worth $100,000; silver, $75,000 and bronze, $50,000.

According to the Committee’s general secretary, Hrachia Rostomyan, the government has also promised additional bonuses of $50,000, $37,000 and $25,000 for the corresponding medals.

Armenia has sent 25 athletes in nine categories to the games, which will conclude on August 12.

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