Hovhannes Babakhanyan Delights Audience With Cabaret Atmosphere in NJ


TENAFLY, N.J. — A delightful evening of culture and entertainment was enjoyed by all who attended the one-man show by Hovhannes Babakhanyan which had been organized by the Tekeyan Cultural Association (TCA) of greater New York/New Jersey, which took place at the St. Thomas Church atrium here on Saturday, March 20.

As the guests arrived, they were led through Saddler Hall, where they were amazed to see the larger-than-life screen that was showing an Armenian film in which Babakhanyan had a major role. The movie played throughout the evening.

The main event took place at the atrium, where about 125 guests attended. Welcoming remarks were made by Harout Chatmajian, the vice chairman of the TCA of New York/New Jersey, followed a special introduction by Gariné Kocharyan, who praised the multitalented actor/performer as an award winner who had recently arrived from Armenia.

The performance started with a recitation of a Sayat Nova poem, in authentic Armenian costume, and continued into Sayat Nova songs, of which the audience could not get enough. All those attending were seated around candle-lit tables, sipping wine and enjoying appetizers. The dinner was prepared by a few of the diligent ladies of the Tekeyan organizing committee.

During the second part of the program, Babakhanyan performed his repertoire of Armenian, English, Italian, Spanish and Russian love songs, true to the originals. The audience danced throughout the evening and from time to time viewed and enjoyed different parts of the movie.

The evening had an air of warm social atmosphere, utterly interesting and refreshing.

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— Shoghig Chalian

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