Silverglate Taken to Task


To the Editor:

Many of the non-Turkish deniers of the truth of the Armenian Genocide are on the payroll of the Turkish government. Harvey Silverglate is using the stratagem of defending the principle of freedom of speech for the same purpose. I don’t know if there is another motivation for his taking up this particular quixotic endeavor other than the ability of those in the lawyerly profession to expediently argue any side of a dispute no matter how untenable. There is indisputable evidence for the truth of the Armenian Genocide, which Mr. Silverglate, being a literate person, could reference if he wished. This evidence isn’t as graphic as that of heaps of bodies being bulldozed into graves that has been amply disseminated in the Jewish Holocaust. No Allied armies came to uncover the equally appalling images of the killing fields of the Armenians. The Armenian community of the world not only has to endure the pain of knowing what happened to its forebears, but also the denial of expiation from the perpetrator as well as that gratuitously added by the likes of the Silverglates of the world.

— Berge Tatian
Stoneham, Mass.

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