From left, chairman of AGBU Buenos Aires Chapter and member of the AGBU Central Board of Directors, Ruben Kechichian, AGBU Brazil Vice Chairman Carlos Baktejian, distinguished honoree and former AGBU Brazil Chapter Board Member Hampartsum Moumdjian, distinguished honoree and former AGBU Brazil Chairman Carlos Matheus Der Haroutiounian, recipient of AGBU Brazil's Personality of the Year award Manuel Kherlakian Neto, and AGBU Brazil chairman Krikor Manukian.

AGBU Brazil Celebrates Its 45th Anniversary


SAO PAOLO, Brazil — On Sunday, October 25, 2009, AGBU Brazil celebrated its 45th anniversary at Buffet Maison du France here. Close to 500 guests of all ages came out to celebrate the milestone event, which was notable for the large presence from the emerging generation of Brazilian Armenians.

Guests dance to the music of the Yerevan 50 band of Montevideo, Uruguay.

The event was attended by numerous guests, including Valery Mkrtumian, consul general of the Republic of Armenia; Anatoly Kapko, consul general of Russia; Rev. Yesnig Guzelian, representing Archbishop Datev Karibian; Rev. Boghos Baronian and Rev. Roy Abrahamian of the Armenian Protestant Church. Also in attendance were Ruben Kechichian, chairman of AGBU Buenos Aires and member of AGBU Central Board of Directors, and his wife, Elsa.

Chairman of AGBU Buenos Aires Chapter and member of the AGBU Central Board of Directors Ruben Kechichian expresses his thoughts on the 45th-anniversary celebration in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

The event honored three AGBU Brazil members for their commitment to the organization and its work: former AGBU Brazil chairman Carlos Matheus Der Haroutiounian, former AGBU Brazil Board Member Hampartsum Moumdjian, and Manuel Kherlakian Neto, an AGBU member and supporter of AGBU Brazil’s many programs. Der Haroutiounian and Moumdjian received AGBU Honor Member diplomas, granted by AGBU Central Board of Directors, while Neto was given the chapter’s annual Personality of the Year award.

AGBU Brazil’s anniversary celebration attracted 470 guests at the Buffet Maison du France in Sao Paulo.

AGBU Brazil Chairman Krikor Manukian congratulated the honorees during his speech and thanked everyone for the success of the event. He also enthusiastically mentioned the youth who participated in the South American Olympic Games, organized by Córdoba. Ruben Kechichian passed along a message of congratulations from AGBU President Berge Setrakian and expressed his happiness and pride in participating in the 45th-anniversary celebration. The evening’s guests were treated to a live music performance by the band Yerevan 50 of Montevideo, Uruguay.

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