Watertown Sends Letter, Resolution to Blue Cross/Blue Shield


Gulnar Sahagian, an activist from Needham who attended the Watertown meeting, said, “Watertown has been standing up for this from the beginning, for eight months, but we haven’t so far received any answers. Hopefully, we will get an answer now.

Jay McQuaide, vice president of Corporate Communications and spokesperson for BC/BS said, on August 18, “We’ll be putting something in writing to the Watertown Town Council and we will be meeting with the council either on September 9, or at some other time to talk about our thoughts on the matter. We have been thinking about this, and I know they have a lot of questions. We think there has been some misrepresentation out there.

Corbett said, “This compromise was the best we would come up with. The Town Council president was going to table the resolution unless we allowed Blue Cross/Blue Shield to speak.”

Added Corbett, “Blue Cross/Blue Shield is a major insurer for the town. I have the plan myself through my wife’s health coverage. It would be quite unrealistic for the town itself to sever its relationship with Blue Cross/Blue Shield. What we are trying to do is bring pressure on them to sever their relationship with No Place for Hate.”

One of the arguments advanced by activists who hope to see BC/BS sever its relationship with the NPFH program is that taxpayer’s funds that pay for health care are being directed, in part, to support the NPFH program, which in turn is sponsored by the ADL. BC/BS has not responded to queries concerning how much of its funds go to support the NPFH program.

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