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By Cecelia Porter BETHESDA, Md. (Washington Post) — The Strathmore Mansion on Thursday was chock full of patrons (including cellists and other string players) to hear the 23-year-old Armenian cellist Narek Hakhnazaryan give a phenomenal[...]

BOSTON — The New England Light Opera (NELO) is opening its 10th season with a brand-new revue of the timeless songs of Cole Porter, called “Night and Day: A New Cole Porter Celebration.” NELO’s performance on Friday, March 2 at 8[...]

NEW YORK — The Robin Rice Gallery presents the second solo exhibition of photographs by Haik Kocharian. The opening reception will be held on Wednesday, March 14, 5:30-8:30 p.m. The show runs through April[...]

By Daphne Abeel Special to the Mirror-Spectator BOSTON — When “Deported/ a dream  play” by Joyce Van Dyke opens on March 8 at the Modern Theatre in Boston, it will mark the culmination of a five-year creative process for the[...]

By Dr. Artur Andranikian Yeghiazar Muradian is one of the names regrettably forgotten in both Armenia and the diaspora of that generation — the generation of Khachadur Misakian, Minas Cheraz, Nigoghos Zorayan, Nahabed Rusinian, Sdepan[...]

HACKENSACK, N.J. — In 2010, a young singer  in an Armenian Church choir named Sibil captured the attention and hearts of Turkey’s population. The headlines read “For the first time an Armenian singer is being heard in the streets of[...]

By Daphne Abeel Special to the Mirror-Spectator The dust jacket for Paul Ignatius’ memoir could not be more apt — it is a montage that displays the American flag as a screen across a family photo of Ignatius’ Armenian immigrant[...]

By Lucy Ardash BLOOMFIELD, Mich. — Wonderful music, comedy and satire delighted the audience at Michigan’s premiere screening of Dikran Tchouhadjian’s “Gariné” opera buffo at the capacity-filled auditorium of the Bloomfield[...]

By Aram Arkun Mirror-Spectator Staff RICHMOND, Va. — For the first time ever, the Hovhannes Tumanyan State Puppet Theater of Yerevan visited the United States this January. Its East Coast performance tour began on January 20 at St. James[...]

By Alan Whitehorn After almost a century since the 1915 state-sponsored mass slaughter of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, one would think there would be few new pioneering books on the subject of the Armenian Genocide. That, however, is[...]

  By Aram Arkun Mirror-Spectator Staff PARIS — On October 16 to 23, 2011, a major festival called “Arménie-Arménies,” or, in English translation, “Armenia-Armenias,” was organized in France celebrating Armenian culture and[...]