By Stephan Pechdimaldji As a grandson of survivors of the Armenian Genocide, the Senate race in Pennsylvania between Dr. Mehmet Oz and Lt. Governor John Fetterman holds a special meaning for me, and thousands of Armenian-Americans. For[...]

WATERTOWN — On June 16, Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archive delved into the world of Whitinsville, a small town in central Massachusetts with one of the oldest Armenian communities in the state. This presentation was cosponsored by[...]

YEREVAN — At only 14, in 1915, Aurora Mardiganian faced the horrors of the Armenian Genocide. Within a year, witnessing the deaths of everyone in her family, Aurora had lost everything, and was sold into a Turkish harem. But with[...]

DRESDEN — A picture is worth a thousand words. The saying has become a cliché, and for good reason: it holds true. Nothing could prove this more convincingly than an exhibition that opened on June 16 in Dresden, Germany. Organized by[...]

By Angelina Der Arakelian Special to the Mirror-Spectator “So, where are you from?” This is a common question to which an Armenian born and raised in Cyprus cannot articulate a simple answer. Armenians in Cyprus today date back from[...]

Why It’s the Right Time for India to Give Turkey an Armenian ‘Gift’ for Its Stand on Kashmir By Amitabh Singh The Armenian Genocide has been recognized by 34 countries, but India is still weighing its options to balance out its[...]

LOS ANGELES — Armenia’s new opposition movement is seeking a change of government in Armenia and is using a revolutionary folk song to unite nationals and the diaspora. Two words from this song have been used as the unifying element in[...]

DETROIT — If a reader finds it difficult to put a label on or pigeonhole novelist Chris Bohjalian, well, that’s intentional. As he said in a recent interview, “My goal is never to write the same book twice.” His latest novel, The[...]

Mirror-Spectator Annual Vacation WATERTOWN — The Armenian Mirror-Spectator will close for its annual two-week vacation in early July. The last issue of the Mirror before the vacation will be that of July 2. The first issue back will be[...]

“However painful and strange and alienating that act may feel,” Alan Semerdjian is determined to deliver something that goes beyond the euphemisms, the look-aways, and the cover-ups. To convey something “real,” that is something[...]

SAN FRANCISCO — The chef who brought shish kebab to America escaped from a Turkish prison first. At 15, George Mardikian ran away from home to join an Armenian guerrilla force to avenge his family. After Armenia gained its short-lived[...]