Historical Documents’ Reproduced in Facsimile in “Armenia Aeterna” Volume


BUENOS AIRES — On Wednesday May 8 at 7:30 p.m., within the celebration of the 48th International Book Fair in Buenos Aires, at the Predio Ferial La Rural, presentation of an artistic reproduction of documents in one volume, Armenia Aeterna, will be held.

Armenia Aeterna is a compilation of forty-one documents, in facsimile edition that traces the course of the origins and historical evolution of the Armenian people through archives of more than twenty countries of the world, including Armenia, France, Italy, Vatican State, United Kingdom, Russian Federation, United States of America and Poland, among others, in a work that has required several years of research.

Centuries of history are presented in forty-one essential documents that show the tireless struggle of Armenians for survival, in a country whose culture is wonderful despite the constant attacks and tragic events it has suffered, accompanied by a corresponding study book in which all the documents are explained one by one and the historical account is based on these fundamental documents.

This work is limited to a unique and unrepeatable edition of 991 numbered and notarized copies.

The original documents were recovered from different archives and reproduced with innovative technologies in conjunction with artisanal processes dating back to the Middle Ages.

The result of this process was the creation of facsimiles, with an accuracy virtually indistinguishable from the original documents.

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Sponsored by the Embassy of Armenia in Argentina, the Armenian Center of the Argentina and the Tekeyan Cultural Center, this work that toured Europe, both coasts of the United States of America and Armenia, will be presented this Wednesday, May 8 in the Carlos Gorostiza Hall, Yellow Pavilion.

For more information about the project please contact us by e-mail at anahabetian@encyclopaediamundi.com, Instagram at ArmeniaAeterna, and on the Internet at www.encyclopaediamundi.com.


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