The crowd of demonstrators facing the Turkish consulate in Los Angeles

Some 100,000 Armenian Angelenos Protest Turkish-Azerbaijani Violence against Artsakh at LA March



At the consulate (Tekeyan Cultural Association West Coast Executive Secretary Mayda Kuredjian 5th from left)

LOS ANGELES – The streets of Los Angeles were blanketed with the colors red, blue, and orange on October 11 during the Artsakh under Attack: March for Victory demonstration organized by the Pan-Armenian Council of Western USA. The Pan-Armenian Council is a broad coordinating council of Armenian-American organizations in Los Angeles, including the Armenian churches, political parties, cultural organizations, and philanthropic groups. The March for Victory that commenced at 3 p.m. at Pan Pacific Park culminated with a series of speakers and performances in front of the Turkish Consulate on Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills.

At the consulate

Roughly 100,000 Angelenos, according to Los Angeles Police Department estimates, were in attendance protesting the joint Turkish-Azerbaijani aggression and human rights violations committed against the people of the Artsakh Republic that began on September 27. Since then, joint Turkish-Azerbaijani forces have bombed several civilian cities resulting in over 400 Armenian military casualties, and at least 31 civilian deaths.

Poster for the march

Armenians throughout the diaspora have been steadily mobilizing, organizing marches, protests, and fundraisers, and educating others about the history of this conflict with steadfast determination to achieve justice, and Los Angeles Armenians have been particularly active.


On October 11, Armenians young and old marched the streets of Los Angeles. Among those marching were Raya DerBedrossian and Tigran Sarkissian.

Tigran Sarkissian (left) and Raya DerBedrossian (right) (Photo Michelle Mkhlian)

Tigran, a 17-year-old Glendale High School student, who had been leading chants like “Shame on Aliyev” and “Shame on Turkey,” continued marching as he passionately shared his thoughts. He said: “A ceasefire that’s not going to be respected is not what we need. We need the world to come together and stop Erdogan and Aliyev from killing innocent Armenians. Our local representatives have done a great job of bringing attention to the issue, but we need to have a greater voice in the media through events like this where people come together. We need the Armenian diaspora to come together. We no longer have the privilege to live in our own lands; the majority of it has been taken away. We’re all in different corners of the world and we all want to represent Armenia the best we can.”

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Raya, a 20-year-old UCLA Public Affairs student ardently exclaimed: “We’re out here on the streets of Los Angeles protesting the Azeri occupation of Artsakh and the violation of the ceasefire that was agreed upon. Being the largest diaspora community of Armenians in the world, Los Angeles Armenians want to make their voices heard in our community. Being here [at the march] is such an overwhelming feeling of unity that hits really deep.”

1. Demonstrator carrying sign reading, “AZERBAIJAN IS COMMITTING WAR CRIMES BY BOMBING ARTSAKH” (Photo Michelle Mkhlian)

US Congressman Adam Schiff was one of the many speakers to address the mass of Armenian demonstrators gathered in front of the Turkish Consulate of Los Angeles. He said, “Despite this illegal war, the people of Artsakh are still standing. The people of Armenia are still standing, and we are standing with them. Armenia and Artsakh did not seek war, they seek only to live in peace, to build prosperous, stable democracies… It is past time for Azerbaijan and Turkey to face consequences for their actions. A regime that would use its weapons to bomb churches and schools is not a regime that should receive a dime of U.S. military assistance.”

Congressional Caucus on Armenian Issues Vice-Chair, Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA)

Following the March for Victory, demonstrators made their way over to the CBS Studios building to protest the network’s biased coverage of the situation in Artsakh.

Protesters supporting Armenia march in L.A.

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Posted by ABC7 on Sunday, October 11, 2020

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