Sharisse Zeroonian

Zeroonian’s Film ‘The Mouse in the Bread’ Premieres in Arlington, October 4


ARLINGTON, Mass. — A socially awkward (but endearing) teenager. A husband and wife in a lackluster marriage. A bad boyfriend. These are just a few of the characters in “The Mouse in the Bread,” a locally produced independent film from director Sharisse Zeroonian, which will premiere at the Capitol Theater in Arlington on October 4.

Sharisse Zeroonian in a scene from “Mouse”

Set in Watertown, the film imagines a world where people embrace each other, however flawed they may be, as parents, as children, as spouses, etc., but when one member of the family commits a crime, this utopia falls apart, and the characters slowly start to find fault with each other.

“What also makes the film unique is the fact that even though the main character and her family are Armenian-American, it represents a completely depoliticized vision of Armenian-American life and focuses more on who the characters are as people apart from their ethnic background. Movies that show members of marginalized communities being real people with ordinary everyday experiences rather than just figureheads for political issues or outright stereotypes of their group are hard to find, so I think this will be an important movie for that reason,” says Zeroonian, who also wrote the film and plays the role of its main character.

The film will start screening at 6:30 p.m., though doors will open at 6:00 p.m. Admission is free, but there will be a small “tip” jar for anyone who wishes to donate a small amount of money to the cast and crew.


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