Narek Sargsyan

Former President Sargsyan’s Nephew Put on International Wanted List


YEREVAN (Arka) — Former Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan’s nephew Narek Sargsyan was put on the international wanted list, police chief Valery Osipyan told journalists on August 21.

Speaking at a news conference, he said Armenian law-enforcement authorities are cooperating closely with Interpol to track down the fugitive.

“I do not want to disclose the details of the investigation, but Narek Sargsyan is already in sight of law-enforcers, “Osipyan said. He said Narek Sargsyan might have crossed the Armenian border before he was put on the international wanted list.

The nephew of the ex-president is accused of committing crimes stemming from  points 1, 2 and 7 of the second part of Article 131 of the Criminal Code of Armenia (kidnapping committed by a group of persons by prior conspiracy with the use of violence dangerous to life or health, or threats to use violence and for mercenary motives. This crime is punishable by imprisonment for a term of four to eight years), as well as point 1 of part 3 of Article 178 (committing large-scale fraud).

On July 4 Armenian police searched an apartment, belonging to Narek Sargsyan, discovering stolen paintings, as well as $155,000, 27,000 euros, expensive watches, numerous gold coins and pieces of jewelry.

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