Ohanes Maranian, Arpy Bardakjian, Araz Maranian and Yeghia Maranian

Aid Raised by Tekeyan, Mirror-Spectator, Holy Trinity Armenian Church, and NAASR Reaches Aleppo Armenians


By Aram Arkun

Mirror-Spectator Staff

WATERTOWN — An event for author Dawn MacKeen to promote her book on the Armenian Genocide, The Hundred-Year Walk, was presented last October by the Tekeyan Cultural Association (TCA), the Armenian Mirror-Spectator, and Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church, with the National Association for Armenian Studies and Research (NAASR) as a cosponsor. During the event, donations were raised to support Syrian Armenian relief, and an auction was held. After the event, several substantial additional donations came to Tekeyan for this purpose. In all a sum of $4,301.08 was raised and sent to the Save a Life program of the Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable Organization (ACCO) by means of the St. Kevork Armenian Church parish council.

The ACCO reported last week that this sum enabled the 9 members of the Maranian, Jamgochian and Kehyeyian families from Aleppo to get a one-way ticket and travel to Armenia, and sent photos of their arrival in Yerevan. ACCO Founding President Ani Balkhian expressed gratitude for the aid donated by Boston area Armenians for this cause.

In turn, the Tekeyan Cultural Association and the Armenian Mirror-Spectator thank all those involved with the October event and those who afterwards decided to support this critical effort to save the lives of Armenians left in Syria, and encourage further support of the Save a Life program. The list is long of people awaiting help in Aleppo. It takes $500 to help one person to immigrate to Armenia.

For more information, contact St. Kevork Armenian Church, Memo: SOS Aleppo, at 3211 Synott Road, Houston, TX 77082 (www.stkevork.org) or TCA (755 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown MA 01940, tcadirector@aol.com).

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