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YEREVAN (Azg, Baikar) – Two presentations of Edmond Y. Azadian’s newly published Armenian-language volume, Echer goruseal yev angorusd , were recently held in Armenia, first on September 25 at the Tekeyan Center and then on September[...]

By Kevork Keushkerian ALTADENA, Calif. — Catholicos Karekin I of the Great House of Cilicia had declared October to be commemorated as cultural month. This year the feast of the Holy Translators was on Saturday, October 13. The cultural[...]

By Gayane Muradyan BERDZOR, Artsakh – The times have changed, and so has the educational environment in Berdzor’s Vahan Tekeyan Middle School No. 1, located in the Kashatagh (Lachin) District. At present, around 200 students study in[...]

WATERTOWN — Historian Dr. Ümit Kurt presented a lecture on Thursday, April 12, on the battle for Aintab, which highlighted the intertwined histories and divergent paths of the Armenians and Turks in that city, now known as Gaziantep.[...]

WATERTOWN — Dr. Ümit Kurt will give a presentation called “A Farewell to Arms: Broken Hopes and Total Departure from the Homeland” concerning The Heroic Battle of Aintab, at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 12. Sponsored by the[...]

By Kevork Keushkerian ALTADENA, Calif. – Kevork Msrlian presented his book The Armenians of Irbid and Northern Jordan through an Armenian-language PowerPoint lecture at the Tekeyan Cultural Association (TCA) Beshgeturian Center on[...]

By Aram Arkun Mirror-Spectator Staff WATERTOWN — An event for author Dawn MacKeen to promote her book on the Armenian Genocide, The Hundred-Year Walk, was presented last October by the Tekeyan Cultural Association (TCA), the Armenian[...]

WATERTOWN — The Tekeyan Cultural Association (TCA) Central Board of Directors recently appointed Aram Arkun as executive director of the association, headquartered in Watertown. With this appointment, the Association fills the vacancy of[...]

BELMONT, Mass. — The Tekeyan Cultural Association Boston Chapter has recently been relaunched. The group, headed by Baydzig Kalaydjian, held its inaugural event, a concert by renowned Armenian troubadour, Rouben Hakhverdyan, at the hall[...]

By Baydzig Kalayjian ENGLEWOOD, N.J. — Since its inception in 1947 and until the present time, the local chapters of the Tekeyan Cultural Association have been the guarantors of the organization’s health and vitality. In the past, in[...]