Armenian Olympic Athletes to Return August 27


imgresYEREVAN (Armenpress) — The Olympic Games finished in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday.

Representatives of Armenia have received one gold and three silver medals. Wrestler Artur Aleksanyan has conquered the gold medal, wrestler Mihran Harutyunyan, weightlifters Simon Martirosyan and Gor Minasyan earned silver medals.

Speaker of the Armenian Parliament Galust Sahakyan addressed a congratulatory message to Armenian athletes to captured gold and silver at the ongoing Rio Olympics. The message reads: “I wholeheartedly congratulate our athletes who achieved glorious victories at “Rio 2016” – Artur Aleksanyan – for capturing the high title of champion at the 31st Summer Olympic Games, vice-champions Mihran Harutyunyan, Gor Minasyan and Simon Martirosyan. We are proud of you, proud of your professional and literate performances at the Olympic Games. Thanks to you the Armenian flag has risen and the Armenian anthem heard for the world. I also congratulate all Armenians, because we are proud of you and we are sure victories will be continuous in the future and in other international sports competitions. I am confident that your victories will be an example for Armenia’s future champions. I congratulate you dear athletes. I wish new achievements and ups. And the fact that you dedicated your victories to our courageous sons who are standing at the border and the hero men who fell during April’s war, indicates your patriotism and high human values. Glory and honor to you, dear athletes.”

The Armenian Olympic Delegation will arrive in Yerevan on August 27.


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