Azeri Troops Shell Armenian Border Villages on September 1


NKR FlagSTEPANAKERT (PanARMENIAN.Net) — Azeri armed units opened fire on border villages in Armenia’s north-eastern region of Tavush Monday, August 31 and the following morning.

“With the onset of every holiday — be it September 1, New Year or whatever — the shelling is a kind of tradition for them. They reveal their national character by trying to ruin every holiday,” Narek Sahakyan, mayor of Baghanis told a correspondent.

Sahakyan said that an interstate highway that runs past the village school came under fire, disrupting September 1 celebrations.

The village chief added that no casualties were reported, only some windows and walls have been damaged.

Chief of Voskevan village, Seryozha Alexanyan also confirmed the armed attack.

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