21 Receive Presidential Medals


YEREVAN — On May 29, the official awards ceremony of the presidential medals was held at the presidential residence. Awards were bestowed upon 21 winners, who were selected from a pool of 149 candidates in 12 categories.

“Success of the scientists and artists are pleasing for all of us, and we see it as our duty to highlight and emphasize your work. For me, and I am confident for our entire society. Particularly important are the awards bestowed upon the young peo- ple since they allow us to maintain permanence and the continuity of our culture’s development,” President Serge Sargisian said.

One of the winners for outstanding contributions to international recognition of the Armenian Genocide was Turkish national Ragip Zarakolu.

“The Turkish old generation knew what happened in Anatolia at the beginning of the last century, while the young generation was conditioned to think it’s a lie,” he said.

Another recipient was Kourken Melikian, dean of the Eastern Sciences Department of the State University of Yerevan, who received the Movses Khorenatsi Medal.

Since its founding in 2001, 205 scholars, scientists and artists, including 14 for- eigners have been awarded the President’s Prize.

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The President’s Prize is sponsored by the Boghossian Foundation, based in France.

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