ADL-Armenagan Members Meet With Gagik Dzarougian


YEREVAN — Members of the Executive Committee of the ADL-Armenagan Party met here with the Chairman of the Prosperous Armenia Party Gagik Dzarougian, in his office on Thursday, February 3.

The Prosperous Armenia party is the second largest in Armenia and one of the strongest in the Coalition of President Serge Sargisian.

Representing the ADL-Armenagan party were Hagop Avedikain, chairman, Gayane Mouradian, secretary, Armen Manvelian, vice president, and Siro Kevorkian, member. During the talks, they told Dzarougian about the political platform of the ADL-Armenagan Party and the issues on which the two parties can cooperate.

Dzarougian expressed his readiness to cooperate and bring closer the two parties.

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