ADL Statement: ‘A Word of Caution’


A recent breakthrough in Armenian-Turkish relations has triggered a flurry of activities worldwide. The protocols just released by the foreign ministries of Armenia, Turkey and Switzerland present only a road map to lead negotiations to a final settlement on issues concerning Armenia and Turkey.
To prejudge the outcome of negotiations and to create a turmoil in the diaspora does nothing but create confusion and division among Armenians.

The Dashnag party, trying to promote its own agenda, has been organizing public rallies. To give the illusion that its actions enjoy community wide support. They have used unauthorized tactics. Thus, the Toronto rally on September 4 and the Montreal rally on September 9, in prelacy church halls, included the endorsement of the Social Democratic Hunchakian and Armenian Democratic Liberal (ADL) parties.
As far as the ADL is concerned, the legally-elected District Committee of Eastern US and Canada, under whose jurisdiction those two chapters fall, has never committed itself to the Dashnag agenda.

The individuals participating in those rallies do not represent the organization; they are a minor

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