Statement by the ADL Eastern District of US and Canada on Agreement Between Armenia and Turkey


The District Committee of the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party of Eastern US and Canada welcomes the announcement by the Foreign Ministries of Armenia and Turkey to establish diplomatic relations between the two countries, with the mediation of the Swiss government.

The two Protocols released by the Foreign Ministry of Armenia reveal all details of the procedures to be pursued for the establishment and development of relations between the two republics to be implemented within the forthcoming several months, leading to consular establishments, opening of the border and stimulating trade between the two countries. The all-encompassing Protocols are aimed at establishing a working relationship in the political, economic, transport, energy, cultural, scientific and other spheres based upon various European and international conventions. Intergovernmental commissions and sub-commissions shall pursue the development of those relations, including restoration of “mutual confidence between the two nations, … to define existing problems and formulate recommendations… .”

We note that Armenian President Serge Sargisian reiterates to the BBC correspondent that Armenia remains firm on developing relations without preconditions. Answering to a question whether he is prepared to make concessions on the events of 1915, Sargisian answers, “We state that there was Genocide, regardless whether Turkey recognizes it today or not. That fact is recognized by genocide experts throughout the world, … but we do not submit recognition of the Genocide as a precondition to establishment of relations.”

Provided that Turkey does not back down again during this process, at the end of the day, the proactive football policy of the Armenian government will mark a political victory for Armenia, as Turkey finally realizes that in a civilized world good neighborly relations are beneficial to both countries.

The Armenian Democratic Liberal Party of Eastern US and Canada fully supports the Armenian government’s policies in starting the process of establishing diplomatic relations with Turkey and wishes success in the implementation of the Protocols agreed upon by both countries.

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The ADL will continue the pursuit of recognition of the Armenian Genocide perpetrated by Turkey, and will work with the Armenian organizations in the Diaspora and in Armenia for the restoration of Armenian rights.

District Committee
Armenian Democratic Liberal Party
Eastern District of US and Canada
September 1, 2009

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