Seven Young Members Join ADL Ranks


Four young men and women joined the ranks of the Armenian Democratic Liberal (ADL) organization on that day. The youth, who pledged allegiance to the organization, have demonstrated leadership qualities participating in many community functions. Many among them are second- or third-generation ADL members. In addition, three other young persons have pledged to join, but were unable to attend the day’s ceremonies.

The young group has set a two-fold agenda for itself: to enlarge its ranks through active recruitment and to form a separate division, a youth charter, to concentrate on lobbying and political activities.

The oath was administered by Edmond Azadian, who was flanked by Papken Megerian, co-chairs of ADL District Committee, and a number of veteran leaders.

The ADL Chobanian chapter of Detroit, headed by Hagop Alexanian, is one of the most dynamic groups in the organization. The new group will further invigorate its activities.

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