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LOS ANGELES – On June 27, 2022, Barbara Hansen featured this recipe at, her international food blog. Hansen was a James Beard award winner and one of the first[...]

Barazek or barazeq (in Arabic barāzeq) is a classic Syrian-Palestinian cookie whose main ingredient is sesame (also called simsim and baksum in Arabic) and often also contains pieces of pistachio.[...]

LOS ANGELES — Brian S. Kabateck, Class Counsel in Armenian Genocide insurance litigation in 1999 and 2005, on April 4 offered an open invitation to the Armenian Bar Association to[...]

I sometimes wonder what the Mamas and the Papas would think if they were still around to see the big ole’ mess that California has become. A conflagration of intensified[...]

LOS ANGELES — Among the many influential Armenians in Los Angeles, Anna Magzanyan of the Los Angeles Times stands out as a top marketing strategist with a background that covers[...]