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By Tim Kurkjian My older brother, Matt, is my best friend, and the strongest person I have ever met. We were born in the same year, just 11 months apart, and immediately inseparable. My parents sent me to kindergarten a year early because[...]

OAKLAND, Calif. — On Saturday, April 30, close to two hundred Armenians gathered for the inaugural Bay Area Armenian Community Day with the Oakland Athletics. Guests drove as far away as Los Angeles, Fresno and Sacramento to join[...]

By Stephen Kurkjian Special to the Mirror-Spectator WASHINGTON — Longtime baseball writer and ESPN’s TV analyst Tim Kurkjian said his first thoughts were of his father when he learned in December that he was headed to Major League[...]

By Dennis Waszak Jr. NEW YORK (AP) — Brad Balukjian tore open a pack of 1986 Topps baseball cards, chewed the stale, brittle bubblegum and then planned a road trip most sports fans could only dream about. The college biology professor[...]