Topic: Armenian Democratic Liberal Party Supreme Council

On the occasion of the death of our beloved friend and leader Edmond Y. Azadian, we have received numerous personal and institutional letters and expressions of condolence. When a suitable period of time passes after the funeral, they will[...]

It is with profound sorrow that we announce the passing of Edmond Y. Azadian, one of the most prominent figures in Armenian life for over half a century, on March 25, following a brief illness. This great loss has plunged his family[...]

The 2020 war between Armenia and Azerbaijan had a detrimental impact of historic proportions on Armenia’s destiny. The human and territorial losses were as discouraging as the isolation which was the result of the international[...]

ATHENS — Dr. Hratch Kouyoumjian, chairman of the Supreme Council of the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party (ADL), visited Athens recently to hold special meetings with the members of the ADL in Greece on issues of concern to the party,[...]

Joseph Biden President of the United States of America The White House Washington, D. C. Mr. President: It is with deep appreciation and exhilaration that we express to you the gratitude of the more than one-million-strong[...]

We have been there before and we are almost there again. Twice during recent history, when US administrations were coming close to recognizing the Armenian Genocide, Turkey thwarted it through diplomatic maneuvering. It first happened[...]