Marut Vanyan

“You can endlessly gaze at 3 things: fire, a flowing river and how the symbols of Armenian terrorism are being demolished in the Karabakh. Structures erected by the separatist regime[...]

PTGHNI, Armenia — “Karabakh was sold. I blame the former and current authorities for that, but first of all I blame so called our ally Russia. They sold Karabakh now[...]

ABOVYAN, Armenia — Almost every day, those of us from Artsakh forcibly relocated to Armenia attend a funeral ceremony for the Karabakh Armenians here in Armenia. The pain from this[...]

YEREVAN — The shock is gone, and so is the attention, it seems. What bothers Artsakh (Karabakh) Armenians after the ethnic cleansing, in their new lives in Armenia? “All the[...]