By Stefan Ihrig One day in the winter of 1941, as he “walked through the streets of the Warsaw Ghetto,” Hermann Wygoda, “Ghetto smuggler,” tried to make sense of what was happening to him and the people around him: “I wondered[...]

By Christopher J. Walker Who were Prince Metternich and Viscount Castlereagh, and what part, if any, did they play in shaping the Armenian Genocide? They were the two men — one an Austrian prince-diplomat, and the other an Anglo-Irish[...]

By Muriel Mirak-Weissbach Special to the Mirror-Spectator Following a series of detailed exposés of Saudi Arabia’s complicity with the so-called Islamic State, German government leaders have broken diplomatic protocol, and openly issued[...]

By Hagop Vartivarian Whether in the homeland or the diaspora, Armenians celebrated the 24th anniversary of the third Republic of Armenia. Our people always has proudly commemorated, and continues to commemorate and exalt this anniversary[...]

By Oshin Khachikian Special to the Mirror-Spectator Earlier this year in April, Angelenos witnessed an estimated160,000 marchers descend upon Wilshire Boulevard to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.  While the[...]

By Edmond Y. Azadian Iran’s nuclear deal brought a sigh of relief in some quarters and set off battle drums in others. The sigh of relief for now is confined mostly to the Middle East and the Caucasus, where the prospect of a new war had[...]

(In Memory of Ara Caprielian) By Hagop Vartivarian It is not possible to divide the homeland by means of time or land. Its eternal nature is intrinsic to the concept of homeland. One way to abase it is to oppose Soviet Armenia to today’s[...]