Disney Shines Light on Vardavar


LOS ANGELES — This March Disney released an official music video for It’s Vardavar, a song featured in the episode “Vardavar!” from Mickey Mouse Funhouse, the Armenian Film Society reported.

The song appears when Astghik is introduced. The music video includes new visuals not previously seen in the episode.

“Vardavar!” centers entirely on the traditional Armenian festival involving water games and celebrations. In the episode, Minnie Mouse wears the wrong outfit to celebrate Vardavar, when she is greeted by the goddess Astghik. The episode is filled with cultural references and Armenian is spoken throughout the episode.

The episode is written by Kathleen Sarnelli Kapukchyan (@kathleen_sarnelli). The character of Astghik is voiced by Liana Bdéwi (@lianabdewi), who is Armenian on her mother’s side and Lebanese on her father’s side.

“Vardavar!” is available to watch on YouTube in the US, and is also available on DisneyNow.com and in the DisneyNOW app. The episode will be available on Disney+ at a later date.


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