Former Armenian President Armen Sarkissian Discusses April 24 and How Small States Can Save the World on Disorder Podcast


LONDON — In a two-part series this week and next on the Disorder Podcast (produced by Goalhanger Podcasts, the UK’s number 1 independent podcast producer) with host Jason Pack, Dr. Armen Sarkissian, Armenia’s president from 2018 to 2022 and also its prime minister from 1996 to 1997, will discuss April 24 and themes from his recent book, The Small States Club: How Small Smart States Can Save the World. Sarkissian is also a world-renowned theoretical physicist, diplomat, and businessman.

The Disorder Podcast is hosted by Jason Pack. The Disorder podcast teases out the key principles that connect seemingly disparate challenges: from Climate Change, to Unregulated Cyberspace, to Neo-Populism, to the wars in Ukraine or Nagorna-Karabakh. At the conclusion of each episode, the podcast proposes inventive, win-win solutions to the globe’s most pressing challenges in our ‘Ordering the Disorder’ segment.

Episode 35 – 23rd April

In their interview, the two discuss the century-old Armenian Genocide, the novel round of ethnic cleansing that happened seven short months ago in Nagorno-Karabakh and why the legacy and implications of the Armenian genocide have been largely forgotten but are essential to maintaining any form of global order. LISTEN HERE.

Episode 36 – (drops via this link on 30th April)

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In part two of his conversation with Dr Armen Sarkissian. Jason discusses Sarkissian’s book The Small States Club: How Small Smart Powers Can Save the World.

They look at how: 1) successful small states could use their growing economic power to promote stability, 2) how Armenia could leverage its most unique strategic resource, its diaspora, and 3) why bringing together small states into an international club – the S20 – could actually make a big difference in helping to Order the Disorder.

The episode will end with its ‘Ordering the Disorder’ segment where Jason and Dr Sarkissian proposes solutions to foster a semblance of order. In this segment, Jason will discuss whether we’re in a world where smallness is an asset, how NATO and the EU should respond to Armenia’s alleged geopolitical tilt towards the West, and whether the S20 could present novel ways to Order the Disorder.

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