Local members of the clergy at the 2019 iteration of “Couples Night Out”

Third Annual ‘Couples Night Out’ Aims to Strengthen Marriages


WATERTOWN — Members of the New England clergy announce the return of “Couples Night Out.”

The third annual “Couples Night Out” will be held on Thursday, November 9 at 6 p.m. at the social hall of St. Stephen’s Armenian Apostolic Church in Watertown.

The goal of the program, which started in 2018, is to give Armenian Christian homes the support and encouragement they need to make their marriage a priority, ultimately making a direct impact on a vibrant and healthy Armenian community.

This year’s keynote speaker will be Rev. Dr. John Mokkosian of the New England Pastoral Institute. Dr. Mokkosian is a renowned licensed pastoral psychotherapist, who specializes in individual, couple and family relationships. He will be leading an interactive session on  “Giving and Receiving Love as a Couple: The Heart and Soul of a Marriage.”

In years past, dozens of Armenian couples in various stages of their marriage relationships have opened their hearts and been inspired and encouraged by “Couples Night Out.” It’s a unique opportunity for fellowship and supporting healthy and thriving marriages.

“Marriage starts like a big fire, burning hot and bright,” said one member of the Couples’ committee. “Over time, the large fire burns down to small embers which need to be stoked once in a while to relight the flame that is always there at the core. During this Couples’ Night Out, we will learn how to keep the marital love shining bright and how to rekindle the flame to keep your marriage healthy and alive.”

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Rev. Dr. Avedis Boynerian, who has been married to his wife, Dr. Arpi Boynerian, for 35 years, describes the marriage relationship as a transition from a “self-centered life” to an “other-centered life.”

“The ‘other-centered life’ is grounded in selflessness, which is an  important ingredient in the covenant of marriage,” he explained.

Dr. Torkom Garabedian, pastor of Spring of Life Church Boston, is encouraging couples to center their relationship around the Word of God. “Family is the nucleus where God’s love is displayed. The nucleus of the family is the couple,” he said. “Today more than ever, it is  paramount to grow strong in the unity of marriage. A couple found on God’s Word is unbreakable and can navigate through any turmoil in life.”

Tickets cost $120 per couple and include a catered dinner. Reserve your tickets by October 31 by contacting Arpi Boynerian at avedisb1@gmail.com.

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