Topic: Bribery

By William Bredderman and Riley Rogerson WASHINGTON (The Daily Beast) — The Daily Beast has discovered previously unreported details behind the clandestine network that prosecutors say funneled hundreds of thousands[...]

By Kenneth P. Vogel and Kitty Bennett WASHINGTON/LAREDO (New York Times) — Over the years, Rep. Henry Cuellar often harked back to the small house in Laredo, Texas. It was there[...]

By Kenneth P. Vogel WASHINGTON (New York Times) — As tensions flared over disputed territory in the Caucasus region in the summer of 2020, Azerbaijan’s squadron of high-priced Washington lobbyists[...]

FRANKFURT, Germany — It is not the first time that the Azerbaijan government has been caught bribing politicians in Europe, and it may or may not be the last. As[...]

LONDON (Evening Standard) — Conservative Party donor Javad Marandi was revealed today as a key figure linked to a major money laundering operation targeted by the National Crime Agency. A[...]