Dear fellow Armenians,

As over 100,000 of our brethren of Artsakh have suddenly and brutally been uprooted from their ancestral lands, and are in states of unimaginable despair in Armenia, many organizations are trying to set up different programs of assistance.

The Tekeyan Cultural Association of the US and Canada (TCA), which has a well-recognized track record over several decades in providing assistance in Armenia and Artsakh through a reliable, transparent and individualized allocation of funds, is now launching a clear “donor-identified aid receiver format,” in one of the three following categories that donors can choose from.

  • We will expand our well-known and successful Sponsor a Teacher program by allocating cash assistance specifically to identified newly displaced teachers from Artsakh as well as intellectuals and their families.
  • Direct cash assistance will be given to identified displaced families, giving priority to those who have elderly and child age members.
  • Immediate help will be given to the burn victims of the monstrous fuel depot explosion who are being treated at the Yerevan National Center for Burns and Dermatology hospital, and to their families.

The initial cash amounts allocated in each of the above cases will be USD 200.

Under the supervision of the TCA’s Yerevan Representation office, a team of young volunteers will carry out this aid program. Donors will be provided confidentially with the identification of the receivers of such assistance.

The TCA Central Board will provide this program with an immediate starting seed fund of $5,000.

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Depending on the generosity of our donors we will hope to provide help in the very short term to 100 families, which we hope to be able to expand rapidly to 1,000 families and more.

Donors can specify one or more of the above-described categories. They will receive charitable donation tax exemption receipts. Tekeyan does not charge any service fees.

Donations in the US should be sent to Tekeyan Cultural Association Artsakh Aid, 755 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown MA 02472, or online here.

Donations in Canada should be sent to Tekeyan Cultural Association Artsakh Aid, 825 Manoogian St., Ville Saint-Laurent, Québec H4N 1Z5, Canada, or online here.

Sireli hayrernagitzner anmitchabes gadaretzek tzer neviradvoutyounner-e vorbeszi oknenk mer aghedyal hayrenagitzneroun.

Central Board of the Tekeyan Cultural Association of the United States and Canada

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