Robert Ghukasyan

Governor Welcomes Plans to Open Russian Consulate in Syunik


YEREVAN ( — Syunik Governor Robert Ghukasyan claims the planned opening of a Russian consulate in Armenia’s southern province would help enhance its security.

Speaking to reporters in the parliament on June 6, he highlighted the opening of an Iranian consulate in Syunik in October last year.

“In both cases, extensive work has been done and the impact could be great. I hope it [the Russian consulate] won’t be the last consulate to open in Syunik,” Ghukasyan said.

In response to a journalist’s remark about Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s “second plan to turn Syunik into a Russian-Turkish zone of influence,” Ghukasyan said: “Syunik has been and will remain Armenian. It is an inseparable part of our homeland. Every Armenian should think so, and it’s out of the question. At least, these plans have not worked out so far and it’s very good that they haven’t. I’m sure they won’t succeed for a long time.”


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