Multicultural Mosaic Foundation of Colorado Votes to Recognize the Armenian Genocide


AURORA, Col. – The Multicultural Mosaic Foundation (MMF), a Colorado-based nonprofit organization which derives its inspiration from the Turkish Muslim religious leader Fethullah Gülen, voted to recognize the Armenian Genocide on March 7.

MMF issued a statement on March 8 explaining the context, as follows: “MMF established a committee three years ago tasked with learning what happened in 1915 to the Armenian citizens of the Ottoman Empire. For the last three years members of this committee have been attending lectures and dialog sessions with scholars of Ottoman history, Armenian history and genocides. Further, committee members engaged in meetings with family members who survived the Armenian Genocide. The study of academic articles, watching documentaries, panel discussions, private discussions were also part of the three-year journey.

“At the end of the three years the committee decided to vote on the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. The committee of about 20 members voted unanimously in favor of recognizing the Armenian Genocide. This vote was presented to the board as a recommendation to recognize the Armenian Genocide. Mosaic’s board followed the recommendation of the committee and recognized the Armenian Genocide on March 7, 2020.”

MMF was careful to note in its statement that the decision was made by MMF alone and only reflects its own position, as no other affiliated organization or platform participated in its decision-making process. MMF also defined itself as an organization “dedicated to the promotion of understanding, dialog and peace among all cultures and faith traditions.”

For more information, contact MMF via its website (, email or social media: and twitter @mosaicMMF.

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