New French Minister of Interior Is Advocate of Armenian Cause


PARIS (Armenpress) — The Armenian National Committee of France issued a statement this week hailing the appointment of senior Socialist lawmaker Bruno Le Roux as new Interior Minister of France. Chairman of the Committee Harout Mardirossian issued a statement noting that for years Le Roux has been a devoted advocate of raising issues of Armenian concern.

“Together we have paid numerous visits to Armenia and Karabakh and every time we reaffirmed our commitment to strengthen relations between Armenia and France,” Mardirossian said.

He also added that it was with the direct support of Le Roux that the French parliament discussed, voted and adopted the resolution recognizing and condemning the Armenian Genocide, as well as criminalizing its denial.

Former Interior Minister

Bruno Le Roux
Bruno Le Roux

has been appointed as Prime Minister, who in his turn replaced Manuel Valls who resigned on December 6 in order to run for presidency.

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