Letters to You Book Launch with Fashion Show and Art Exhibit on January 30


BookLaunch2BOSTON – Three different genres of creativity and art will dovetail on Saturday, January 30 at Boston’s Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel. The event will feature creations by author Zareh Zurabyan, fashion designer Samuel Vartan and artist Lucie Abdalian, the latter two inspired by Zurabyan’s book.

The event, which will take place at 7 p.m., is the official Letters to You book launch by Zurabyan. Also featured will be a fashion show by Vartan inspired by some of the letters which appear in the book, and an art exhibit by Abdalian based on the last three letters of the book.
Fashion designer Vartan chose eight letters of the book which inspired him to design eight pieces of clothing. It is abstract symbolism. In other words, his work could match how he pictures a character in the book, or a dress may convey the same emotion that was portrayed in the respective letter.

This book is a collection of letters from different characters, completely unrelated to each other, however with an underlying theme. Each letter portrays a perspective on life, and with each turn of the page, the reader gets to see different shades of global reality in human relationships. The book is designed so that each letter has a specific photograph with abstract symbolism expressing the emotions/message of the letter.

This event is free, and its purpose is to promote creativity. Come dressed to impress, network and meet new people. Be entertained by beautiful fashion and art, and engage in meaningful conversations about the perspectives of our lives through the book Letters to You.

The book will be available at the event, and the author will sign it for you.

Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel is located at 606 Congress St.

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