Charles Aznavour to Perform in Brussels


BRUSSELS (Armenpress) — French Armenian legendary singer Charles Aznavour will perform in the Forest National concert hall of the Belgian capital on November 17.

“Charles Aznavour is the only 91-year-old singer who sets records in the number of audience at the biggest and most popular theaters of the world,” writes the website of Forest National. Introducing the victories and achievements of Aznavour the website of the concert hall also mentions about his numerous awards and also reminds about the singer’s 51st “Encores” album released this year. Charles Aznavour is a French Armenian singer, songwriter, actor, public activist and diplomat. Aznavour was born in May 22, 1924 in Paris.

Since the 1988 Armenian earthquake, Aznavour has been helping the country through his charity organization, Aznavour for Armenia.

Nearly 100 million records of Aznavour have been sold. Along with holding the mostly ceremonial title of French ambassador-at-large to Armenia, Aznavour agreed to hold the position of Ambassador of Armenia to Switzerland on February 12, 2009. He is also the permanent representative of Armenia in the Geneva UN office and other international organizations.

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