Turkish Constitutional Court Will Review Sis Catholicosate Lawsuit


YEREVAN (News.am) — The Catholicosate of the Great House of Cilicia of the Armenian Apostolic Church, which filed a lawsuit with Turkey’s Constitutional Court over regaining ownership of its historic headquarters in Sis, has reported that the Turkish Constitutional Court has likely admitted the case and will soon begin reviewing it. The Catholicosate hopes the ruling will come by the end of November.

According to a spokesman of the Catholicosate, the consideration of the case will most probably start in September.

“July was a holiday month in Turkey; one week was non-working. Starting from August 1, the Turkish courts have gone on leave. That’s why the consideration of our claim has been extended. We think the consideration will start in September, and we’ll already have the ruling in October-November,” the spokesman said, adding that under the Turkish Constitution, the court must make a ruling in six months’ time.

According to the spokesman, additional documents were required from the Catholicosate, which means that the claim has already been admitted by the Constitutional court.

The Great House of Cilicia filed a claim with the Turkish Constitutional Court on April 28, demanding the return of its former headquarters and mansion in Sis, located in the territory of the historic Armenian kingdom of Cilicia.


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