Montreal TCA Convention


MONTREAL — Thirty-eight delegates from Tekeyan Cultural Association’s chapters, who assembled on Saturday, November 13, in the organization’s center, were pleased to hail the successful course and progress of various major programs, which are centered in various cities and aim to maintain the Armenian identity, especially in light of unrestrained globalization. The assembly likewise confirmed with satisfaction that the world economic crisis of the past two years did not have deleterious consequences and the activities dependent on income from wills weren’t affected, owing to conscientious and prudent management by the treasurer and the professional accountant.

Delegates at the meeting

The words of welcome and wishes for success delivered by Arto Berge Manoogian, chairman of the host chapter, were followed by the verification of delegates. The execution of the agenda began after a general introductory overview by Dr. Haroutiun Arzoumanian, chairman of the Central Board of Directors.

The reports that were presented once again served to confirm the fact that TCA’s greatest achievement on this continent is Los Angeles TCA’s Arshag Dickranian School. Thoroughly renovated, modernized and expanded after three decades, the school today provides high-quality education and imparts Armenian spirit to the local Armenian schoolchildren in its complex worth $12 million, thanks to the teaching staff, principal, and board of trustees headed by George Mandossian. At the same time, however, this operation places those in charge of the local chapter and the Central Board of Directors under a heavy financial, moral and practical commitment.

Editor of Abaka weekly Arsen Nubar Mamourian

The publication of Abaka, Canada’s first trilingual community newspaper, edited by Arsen Noubar Mamourian, is being continued by the Montreal chapter after 35 years.

During 35th anniversary banquet for AbakaNewspaper, from left Dr. Arshavir Gundjian, Nadia Gundjian, Edmond Azadian and Nora Azadian

The continuous high-quality performances of the Mher Megerdchian Theatrical Group of TCA’s New York-New Jersey Chapter imbue a large number of young men and women with an appreciation of Armenian culture; under the leadership of Hagop Vartivarian, these youths help keep the Armenian language and Armenian theater alive on this continent.

Through the efforts of TCA Board of Administrators, chaired by Maro Bedrosian, the sponsorship of four schools in Armenia named after Vahan Tekeyan, which began 10 years ago, is continuing; a fifth one was added during the past year: the Vahan Tekeyan School in the Berdzor region of Karabagh. The Sponsor a Teacher program raises approximately $40,000 annually, and this sum is used in its entirety to increase the meager monthly wages of the teachers and staffs of these five schools, so that they will stay at their jobs and continue to provide sound education to the new generations. On the 10th anniversary of this program, a new fundraising campaign was carried out this year through the efforts of seven chapters, producing the sum of $50,000, with which the Sponsor a Teacher Fund was established to perpetuate this activity.

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The Sevan summer camp of TCA’s Montreal Chapter cares for and educates 50-60 Armenian youngsters in a healthy, familiar environment, while their parents devote themselves with peace of heart to their professions.

The four TCA centers — Beshgueturian Center of Altadena, Calif., with its Board of Directors chaired by Kevork Keushkerian, and the other three centers in North America, in New York, Montreal and Toronto — with their various cultural, artistic and social programs, as well as the “Voice of Tekeyan” radio programs of Montreal and Cleveland, keep the community life ever vibrant.

The General Assembly approved the financial report prepared by Treasurer Maro Bedrosian, which presents in separate sections the statements of the Central Board of Directors, the Board of Administrators and all the chapters combined, as well as a comprehensive picture of the management of properties and funds. The report also contains detailed explanations in a transparent manner by the accountant Michael Norehad; the association’s complete balance sheet as presented to the IRS, are presented for approval by the membership.

On behalf of the Electoral Committee, Elizabeth Ouzounian proceeded with the election or reelection of directors whose terms had expired, in accordance with the terms of the by-laws. Osheen Keshishian (Los Angeles), Papken Megerian and Antoine Bazarbashian (Philadelphia) were reelected members of the Central Board of Directors. Elected as new members of the Board of Admionistrators were Harout Chakmakjian and Sirvart Demirjian (New Jersey), Maral Ghazarian (Los Angeles) and Aznive Salibian (Toronto).

Secretary of TCA Dr. Nubar Berberian

Suggestions and proposals were made for the strengthening and expansion of Tekeyan Cultural Association. Baidzig Kalaidjian, editor of Zartonk daily, who was invited to this meeting from Beirut, delivered remarks. Dr. Nubar Berberian, secretary of the Central Board of Directors and patriarch- public speaker, as well as Dr. Arshavir Gundjian, prolific national leader, made suggestions of encouragement, based on their many years of experience.

Shoghig Chalian of New Jersey with the Dickran Semsarian Most Active Chapter Award

Dr. Hrair Der Kevorkian, on behalf of the Evaluating Committee, presented a report awarding this year’s Dikran Simsarian Most Active ChapterAward to the New York-New Jersey Chapter and its Mher Megerdchian Theatrical Group.

Upon the proposal of Hagop Vartivarian, chairman of the New York-New Jersey Chapter, it was decided to convene the next general assembly in New Jersey.

The assembly closed in an atmosphere of good cheer and optimism. Later in the evening, delegates participated to the 35th anniversary banquet for Abaka Newspaper.

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