Armenia’s Tekeyan Centre Is Active


YEREVAN — The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Tekeyan Centre Fund of Armenia Vartan Ouzounian visited Armenia recently to resume the fund’s 2010 activities. At present, one of the main goals of the fund is to improve the situation of four Vahan Tekeyan schools, to secure better conditions for schoolchildren as well as to make the studies more interesting and of higher quality.

In 2010, the Tekeyan Fund has implemented a number of projects involving the four Tekeyan schools in various regions of Armenia. Thus, Ouzounian invited the headmasters of the schools and their deputies to the Tekeyan Centre to get their input.

The representatives of all the schools praised the fund’s initiative to support the Tekeyan educational establishments. In the name of Tekeyan schoolchildren, their parents and teachers, they expressed their gratitude to the fund for both financial and moral support, so important at this particularly difficult time economically.

According to the headmaster of Yerevan Vahan Tekeyan School, Anahit Khalatyan, the fund’s programs contribute to the establishment of strong ties not only between Tekeyan schoolchildren but also Tekeyan teachers. All the projects (educational, sports, cultural, etc.) turn the dull routine of pupils into inspiration and excitement and urge them to achieve better results at school.

Arsen Ohanyan, the headmaster of Garbi school, shared Khalatyan’s views and in addition to the above, he suggested that the fund should increase the number of project participants, as there are so many gifted pupils at schools that to choose a limited number of the best ones is a great problem for teachers.

The headmaster of the Vahan Tekeyan School of Gumri, Hovhannes Petrosyan, like his colleagues, expressed great satisfaction with the Tekeyan Fund. He also mentioned the kind and careful attitude of the fund’s whole staff.

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Apart from cultural, educational and sports activities, Volodya Martirosyan, the headmaster of the Vahan Tekeyan School in Stepanavan, praised the humanitarian activities of the Tekeyan Centre Fund. Specifically, he thanked them for preventing great salary reductions at the school by making a generous donation to the budget.

Ouzounian thanked all the school representatives for their kind words and attitude toward the fund. He noted that Tekeyan is planning to expand relations between Tekeyan educational establishments in Armenia and the diaspora to make a “large and good Tekeyan family.”

He also spoke about the board’s resolution to provide Tekeyan schoolchildren with free textbooks. In the nearest future, the fund intends to include Artsakh schools in the project as well. This is a continuous and large-scale project which requires great funds. To realize the project, Tekeyan Centre Fund is initiating a fundraising campaign.

Ouzounian also spoke about other programs of the fund and made various proposals. The headmasters expressed their opinion in this regard, as they also presented their respective schools’ issues. Ouzounian added that the mentioned issues would be considered at the next AGM of Tekeyan Centre Fund Board of Trustees.

At the end of the meeting, all the school representatives expressed the willingness to cooperate with the fund and to support its initiatives. In its turn Tekeyan Centre Fund promised to care about Armenian schools by means of its activities, devotion and contribution.

Arev and Tekeyan Armenia

Arev Daily, the ADL newspaper in Cairo, Egypt, and Tekeyan Centre Fund have established relations and long-term cooperation.

Ouzounian, invited Nubar Simonian, the chairman of the Goganian Social and Cultural Association and Arev Daily of Cairo, Egypt Tekeyan Centre, for an informal get together.

During the meeting, Ouzounian gave a brief presentation on the fund’s history, structure and activities. He spoke about the projects implemented, particularly about a number of educational, cultural and sports events involving Tekeyan Schools as well as the cooperation and support to the TCA of Armenia.

Ouzounian also mentioned the upcoming projects of the fund, among which is the establishment of an archives library at the Tekeyan Centre. This is a large-scale project which is to compile and store at Tekeyan Centre the historical documents and materials about diaspora organizations and individuals who have done community, cultural and political work. The project was discussed and approved by the minister of diaspora of Armenia as well as by other government and non-government organizations.

Simonian also approved of and emphasized the importance of the project by saying, “Once the diaspora preserved Armenia, now Armenia has to preserve the diaspora.”

Simonian touched upon some issues that the Armenian community in Egypt is concerned about, i.e., the preservation of the Armenian spirit and the language. He suggested that in order not to lose such cultural values, the community in Egypt should establish closer ties with Armenia.

Simonian accepted Ouzounian’s proposal of cooperation between Arev and Tekeyan Centre Fund, which could contribute to the prosperity of the Tekeyan Family and involve new supporters. Thus the Arev Daily will regularly publish the fund’s activity and keep Egyptian-Armenian readers informed about the events of national importance as due to the strong relations and cooperation between Armenia and the diaspora the unity and the continuance of the Armenian nation can be possible.

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